Monday, June 1, 2009

Radio Interview on thursday at 2 pm. from Bogota!

Radio, Javeriana University - RadJaveriana io 91.9 FM We headed to the Javeriana Conservatory for an interview which will be played on the internet, June 4th at 2 pm. (we're an hour earlier than NYC here). Go to

Batua School Workshop at Ambassador Brownfields

(Claudia-our interpreter and also a lovely singer)
Today was the most beautiful day imaginable here in Bogota. We headed out at 8:30 am. for our security briefing at the U.S. Embassy. Security here is like nothing I have ever seen or experienced. This is a large Embassy with about 4000 employees and if you really need help, they give you a number for the Marines!

Then we had a classic Colombian lunch, with beautiful local soups, shrimps and avocados.
Off to Ambassador Brownfields residence for a workshop with 50 classical students from Batuta school. These kids were all classical musicians. We had another great workshop, four high school singers sat in and scat sang with me and then three of Javeriana's vocal jazz students got up and sang "Autumn Leaves" and scatted very well. Tim has been asked to give a special drum clinic when we come back from Mantizales on thursday. Teaching the kids about jazz and hearing them get it, is the best part of my gig.