Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 29th - LA Gig - Vitello's and Jan. 31st. Workshop

January 29th - Friday - http://www.vitellosrestaurant.com (check out the site for directions)
Sets 8 & 10 pm.

I am headed to Los Angeles for a rare visit, gig and workshop.  Once I realized that the Grammy's were this week, I thought I would snoop around and see if I might find a place to sing and Judy Wexler was a mensch in her recommendations!  Thank you Judy.  I will be singing with the fine Bill Cunliffe on piano, Tom Warrington on bass, Paul Kreibech on drums and Steve Cardenas on guitar.  This is a great Band!  Please join me for this rare appearance on the West Coast.    

L.A. Singers - Roseanna Vitro will present a workshop next sunday: January 31st. 12 noon til 3 pm. The Elements of Jazz Singing; singing with conviction and swing, improvising with lyrics, technique exercises for tone and safe blues singing, scatting 101 -http://www.cathysegalgarcia.com/teach_workshops.html
Come and jo...in me-Gaea Shell pianist will play with us. Location: Cathy Segal Garcias. http://www.RoseannaVitro.com

Singers check out my new site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JVOICE-Jazz-Vocalists-Offering-Instructional-Curriculum-for-Education/106379385885

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 23rd. - Recording the second half of the Randy Newman Tribute

I'm excited to report that 'The Randy Newman' Project had great shows for APAP Weekend!  Thanks to
Mark Soskin, Sara Caswell, (Curtis Stewart for subbing for Sara at the Hilton Show), Tim Horner taking the drum chair (great job), Dean Johnson (everyone needs a Dean Johnson on bass) and Steve Cardenas on guitar, has been very cool to know musically - great job at the Bitter End show guys.
   We are coming down the home stretch with this amazing music.  Mark and Sara worked on the string parts thursday afternoon and I'm practicing hard and I can't wait for the finish this coming saturday.
Stay Tuned.