Monday, June 1, 2009

Ambassador Brownfields Big Party

Conductor of symphony
Monica Giraldo-Grammy Nom artist - Bob,Tim, Ro, Ambassador Brownfield, musician

Tonight we were presented by Ambassador Brownfield. The Ambassador has an amazing, palacial home fit for a king. On his wall are great black and white photo's of 'Lubbock' Texas. He is another Southern escapee. About 150 important writers, artists, musicians, gallery owners, just a great audience of interesting people were there to perform to and converse with. We started the evening with an interview with a National Newspaper, ElEspectador with journalist Juan Piedrahita. Then on to the bandstand outside. The Ambassador gave a great opening speech and then JazzIam blasted off into a great set of music. We finished and were greeted with cheers for an encore and of course we joyously obliged. Joel, Bob and Tim are sounding fantastic. We're all working on our Spanish. Tomorrow morning we're off to Manizales, which is supposed to be lovely.