Monday, November 22, 2010

November 13th & 14th - The Seattle Trip - Nich Anderson's World

Nich Anderson - is nourishing and preserving the art of Jazz Singing in Seattle by creating 'House Concerts' - (check out his series!) Thank you Nich!

The Carr's pictured in this photo
also offer up their gorgeous home
in Camano Island for concerts and delicious food. Thank you Patty and Andrew.
Roseanna Vitro and Mark Soskin - Duo!
Mark and I had a blast. We presented an afternoon workshop at Cornish College of Music and then headed to Camano Island to play for a lovely crowd at Patty's gorgeous house.

Saturday we had a workshop with the beauty's in the picture up top and that evening a full house at Nich's. A good time was had by all. You have to hit Nich's hang...

November 9th -Ark.Jazz Hall of Fame Show- Amina Claudine Meyers and Jerry Atkins Inducted 2010

This was a wonderful event produced by Cece Rich and Dave Rodgers and James Thomson of the Arkansas Jazz Hall of Fame group in Little Rock, Arkansas. I nominated Jerry Atkins, who passed away last year. Jerry was a great 'jazz head', tenor player, jazz journalist and jazz dj in Texarkana, my home town. Amina Claudine Meyers was also inducted into the Hall of Fame for her talent. Anita hails from Blackwell, Arkansas and she sings like Roberta Flack with a little edge to her music. I liked her talent and personality very much and it was fantastic to hang out with her. I consider her a 'sister in the cause' of good music. We performed on November 9th with Joe Vick on bass, Tom Cox piano, Byron Atkins guitar (Jerry's son) and Dave Rodgers on drums and Barry McVinney on tenor. Shirley Chauvin also drove over from Hot Springs and sang a couple of songs (she was fantastic) and in the front of this picture is Bonnie Atkins, Jerry's wife. She was always by his side. Also in attendance was Scott Atkins and his wife Angie. I thank everyone who made this happen (Gloria and Albert too) Thanks to Dwayne Walden for making the drive to attend too. I can rest at peace now, knowing that my dear friend Jerry Atkins received some respect for the service he gave to the music that we love; jazz.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Listen! WBGO - Live with Michael Bourne November 21st 12 noon til 2 pm.

Celebrating 25 Years on WBGO - Live Performances -...88.3 fm...join us on your radio!

November 21st. – WBGO Radio 88.3 fm-tune in 12 noon til 2 pm.- 25 years with Michael Bourne Show ‘Live Performances with Allen Farnham on piano, Roseanna Vitro, Bob Dorough, Carolyn Leonhart, Wayne Escoffery, Tom Lellis & Carol Fredette.