Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Big Birthday is coming-February 28th- A Party for Friends at Zeb's Place

223 West 28th St. 2nd fl. - 212 695 8081 - Zeb's
dear friends - (if you have to ask if you're my friend, then we know the answer-uninvited -shall be escorted OUT) =
I don't celebrate many birthdays anymore, but I've got a Big One coming February 28th. I would like to celebrate my life and the love and wisdom that my friends have shared with me. I have asked the 'angel' of cake bakers Ms. Lorraine Schalamon to create one of her masterpieces and there will be a fine piano, bass and drums in the facility.
I've known some of you for over 30 years. If you are 'Free' please drop by and tell me 'how you're doing' these days? Life is short for some of our comrades and I am grateful to be alive and have the opportunity to grow and share life and music with my family and friends. (bring a food item or your choice of beverage)
Parking on the street is legal after 7pm.
Love - Roseanna
February 28th - 7:30 pm. to 1 am. - There will be a Birthday Celebration at Zeb's Place - 223 West 28th St. 2nd fl. - 212 695 8081