Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello Santiago - Goodbye Quito

Zazu Restaurant in Quito, Ecuador *****
Chef Alex - Amazing!

Beautiful Santiago

Today we left the lovely Le Parc Hotel in Quito at 6:45 am. Tim, Billy Banks and I had an incredible 'tasting dinner' at Zazu, where Chef Alexander Lau blew our minds and taste buds. Luis from the Embassy wanted us to eat at the best restaurant in Quito - thank you Alex for your artistry.

Our day was filled with two flights, another lay over in Lima, Peru and finally we landed in Santiago, Chile. We are on the home stretch! Michael Orlansky, the cultural affairs officer met us at the airport. In 2004, we worked with Michael in Macedonia, so this was a very nice reunion. We're off to Curico tomorrow for a full day, a two 1/2 hour drive and concert and drive back. The band is lucky to be staying in an Intercontinental Hotel for our last 5 days in the amazing city of Santiago. Stay tuned.