Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Estoril Summer Jazz Festival, 2009 - June 27th

photo's by joaofrazao.estudio@gmail.com
The dinner with Paulo Gil, Carlos, Tim Horner and Ro

Estoril was a great experience. My friend Paulo Gil and I reconnecting.
joaofrazao.estudio@gmail.com -photo

The Estoril Jazz Festival has existed for over 35 years. Duarte' Mendonca is the Jazz Afficianado who loves jazz music and has put together great shows for all of these years. He is a delightful man who still has a twinkle in his eye. I loved meeting Duarte and having a chat with him. The bill was filled with great musicians; James Carter, Chick Corea, Christian McBride and more. Kenny Werner and I were billed together and my right and left arms: Tim Horner and Bob Bowen were on bass and drums. This was a cherry on our touring cake after this month, touring South America. I am still awaiting pictures of all of our workshops and concerts for a more complete look on our blog. Soon I should have photo's of Paulo Gil, my heart in Portugal. I love this man. He is a soul mate to me and to all good musicians in Lisbon and ports in the area of jazz. Paulo took Tim, Bob and myself out for jazz and great seafood on our arrival day. Langostino's, Squids, clams and fine Portugese wine - what a great hang, physically and spiritually. I feel very lucky to experience so many great musicians and see so many great sites this past month. I am more inspired than ever before. Thank you's to all who have made a difference for us on our musicial journey.