Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Concert in Quito

Teatro Nacional Sucre

I did not have my camera returned from the driver who drove us from Loja to Cuenca. My great photo's of the drive are gone. I am waiting for Embassy personnel and friends and band to give me photo's of the past two days.
We had a great concert at the Teatro Nacional Sucre Theatre on June 15th. This theatre is beautiful, red velvet chairs with balconies like Carnegie Hall. Thankfully we had Pablo the soundman for all of our gigs in Ecuador, which gave the band 'peace of mind' - good sound, a grand piano for Joel and a good mic sound for me, plus good drums for Tim.
A crowd of 400 turned out for our monday night concert. Heather Hodges, the Ambassador of Ecuador introduced us at the concert. The band and I hit the bandstand and played our hearts out. I discovered through questions with the audience that six jazz singers were in attendance. Cathy Elliot is a marvelous jazz singer from New York City who has been teaching vocal jazz in Quito for the past three years and she is growing a lovely crop of jazz singers in this area. I brought all of the singers up on stage at the end of my set and we had a scat fest! Big fun and we ended with one more standing "O" from a great audience.