Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ecuador - Quito, Loja & Cuenca!

Saraguro ( I bought jewelry there today)
The Road to Quenca from Loja

I left my camera in the car that transported us for 4 hours today from Loja, Ecuador to Cuenca. I felt like I was in a National Geographics documentary. What a beautiful country this is.
We arrived in Quito at 9 pm. after traveling from Montevideo at 10 am. What a long travel day we had. Kevin Skillin from the U.S. Embassy met us at the airport. We were taken to Le Parc Hotel, which is an amazing hotel. Thanks to Kevin for setting us up in this beautiful hotel. Unfortunately the post had planned a 5:45 am departure for Loja. So we were off the next morning with barely 4 hours sleep, after eating and brushing our teeth. A sore throat/cold has been chasing me and these schedules are not good for a singer or anyone else really.
We blindly hit the airport and off we went to the southern tip of Ecuador. This country is absolutely gorgeous. We arrived in Loja with Elizabeth Serrano (a proud Ecuadoran from the Embassy) and off we drove to the Grand Victoria Hotel. This is an enchanting old hotel and we had a wonderful time with the people here. A great soundman - great concert, then off this morning to Quenca. It's been raining and the drive took longer than expected on the mountain roads. You have to see this country to believe it's beauty. When I get my camera back, I'll post pictures that I took of the drive. We had a lovely concert tonight at the Central Bank Museum. I am grateful that we have today off. On monday we fly to Quito for a big concert.