Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quito, Ecuador - Workshop and Goodbye

The Whole Gang in Quito: Kevin Skillin', Elizabeth Serrano, Pablo our soundman!, The JazzIam Band, Billy Banks
The Workshops in Quito

June 16th - we presented two workshops - one at 10:30 am. and one at 3:30 pm. Our workshops convened at a coffee house across the street from the concert hall. Pablo our soundman set up a little pa. system, electric piano, drums and we were set to go. These workshops were to be 'general -what is jazz? - workshops, but it didn't turn out that way. The room filled with musicians and singers. We played a couple of tunes and opened the discussion for questions. We received many great questions regarding leading a band, what to do if the leader won't let the sidemen solo on his original work?, what should a singer do when her accompanist doesn't listen to her? many great questions and my great band had helpful answers for these young musicians.
I'm waiting for the pictures to post! Until then, here are a few pics from Quito and what a beautiful old city it is.