Monday, August 10, 2009

Roseanna Vitro & Mark Soskin recording a tribute to Randy Newman

Jeff Levenson
New Project is born - pianist Mark Soskin, Roseanna and Jeff Levenson-Half Note Records

Mark Soskin - pianist extraordinaire has written some amazing arrangements of Randy Newman compositions. I have contributed to these arrangements and Marks work is fantastic. We are meeting wed. to run down this new music with a new group. I'm looking for a violinist - surprises to come!

JazzIam moving in different directions

The JazzIam band in Montevideo-
On this posting I'd like to list JazzIam's webpages for any and all fans who would like to keep up with each one of us individually, as we work with different groups and continue to create good music and explore. Hopefully this wonderful group will be together again soon, but until then -
you can find:
Tim Horner at
Bob Bowen on Facebook under Robert Emmett Bowen III
Joel Holmes has a Facebook page and website: /
and moi' at