Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Concert at the Binational Center / Montevideo

Our whole gang in Montevideo. Billy Banks from JALC in action on his first night in Montevideo. Welcome Billy. For more photos from Vince Alongi go to:

Last night we performed at the Binational Center Theatre. This is a theatre which mostly presents plays. The seats are very close to the audience. Migel the sound man was very patient and Billy Banks from JALC arrived this morning and came along with us. Billy immediately got on the sound board. Billy has run tours, worked at WKCR, has his own company, participated with all of Wynton Marsalis's various tours and programs - a man of experience! Good news for us. As usual, Joel was on a small electric piano-oy. I can tell by his face how happy he is or isn't. We eventually got a good sound and the concert hall was packed with invitee's - Ambassadors from Costa Rica and various places. Singer Maria Noels was there ( I listened to her cd. today - very good). We had a great concert! The lights went out in the second song. I was singing a Kenny Rankin song, making a dedication to him, since he passed away last sunday - then Boom! out go the lights for the whole concert hall! You know my band: we just kept playing! Eventually the lights came back on - all white emergency lights. Then the mic chord went out - we had all kinds of events going on, but we never missed a beat. We did perform an encore and had a blast.