Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jazz Singers Hang at Zeb's- (plus report on the JEN and Apap conventions!

Zeb's Place -
Wednesday, January 26 · 8:00pm - 10:00pm (followed by Jazz Singers Jam!)
Phone - 212 695 8081 - This is a Hip Hang! Good PA. Fine Piano The Vibe is Right...
LocationZeb's Place - http://www.zebulonsoundandlight.com/pics/JVW.htm
223 W 28th St. 2nd floor- New York, NY 10001

Roseanna Vitro

Saul Rubin

Tim Horner Dean Johnson Jason Teborek

Thoughts on the JEN Convention and the APAP Convention
I applaud Lou Fischer and Mary Jo Papich for their hard work in creating the new Jazz Educational Network. (http://www.jazzednet.org/) The loss of the IAJE was a big loss for many jazz entrepreneurs, students and teachers. Not to mention how disillusioned we all were afterwards. This year was the second year of the new organization. Presenting JEN in New Orleans was a perfect choice. All the history and the vibe made this year a memorable experience for all that attended. Walking through the quarter and seeing tap dancers and hearing wailing blues made me feel at home. There were many great teachers and acts performing for the convention. (check out their website to get a full listing) I performed at Snug Harbor on the thursday night with Sachal, Cindy and Maria and we had a blast! I saw many of my favorite singers and instrumentalists. Next year the convention will be held in Louisville

Apap - This convention has become the new booking mecca for presenters. The rooms at the New York Hilton were filled to capacity with great artists of all styles. I have recently signed with http://www.motema.com/ . I am thrilled to be a part of this musical family, led by Jana Herzen. This year I was lucky to perform in the Bridge Bar at the Hilton on sunday afternoon with my new Randy Newman Project band. We kicked butt- what a great band! (Sara Caswell, Mark Soskin, Dean Johnson and Matt Wilson sat in to keep Tim Horner's seat warm while he was on the road. Jana presented many great Motema artists over saturday and sunday. This was a great hang...My new cd. will be released in May- can't wait.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Orleans Bound! January 6th - Snug Harbor - Four Great Singers- Jazz -

JEN Convention ---If You Love jazz vocals - Don't miss thursday night! Snug Harbor - 2 shows! 4 great singers!
Roseanna Vitro - Sachal Vasandani - Maria Marquez
Cindy Scott-

January 6th Join us for an amazing night of jazz at New Orleans Premier Jazz Club
-Snug Harbor Show ( 626 Frenchmen Street New Orleans, LA (504) 949-0696)

-2 shows 8 pm. & 10 pm. Featuring!
with the Larry Sieberth Trio

“Highly respected vocalist/educator Roseanna Vitro’s art equates to untainted class. With jazz piano great Kenny Werner and a crack rhythm section blazing forth, Ms Vitro’s impeccable diction, depth and sensitivity strikes a distinct chord here.” (Live at the Kennedy Center cd.) E-Jazz.com Glen Astarita - 2006 Highly recommended

"Vasandani really has something new to bring and creates such intimacy in his phrasing"- Edge Publications- "there's no disputing the jazz credentials of the effervescent young vocalist...Sachal Vasandani New York Times

“Vocalist Cindy Scott strikes gold her first time out. Scott is a musical artist who delivers fables and stories and vignettes of life and love. But the young lady can also swing you into bad health. Highly recommended.” Roger Crane AllAboutJazz.com

Venezuela-born singer Maria Marquez is a local treasure. Her utterly evocative voice - clear, tender and unaffected - was spellbinding on Milton Nascimento's "Ponta de areia."

Don't miss this great show! January 6th
Snug Harbor - 8 pm. & 10 pm.
( 626 Frenchmen Street New Orleans, LA (504) 949-0696)