Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Randy Newman Project - Video and Group/ New Photo

Friday, May 14th, 2010 - The Randy Newman Project band is Mark Soskin-piano, Dean Johnson-bass, Sara Caswell -violin, Tim Horner-drums and moi' -we met at the arts building located at NJPAC (The New Jersey Performing Arts Center). Special 'Thank you' to Jeff Griglak for allowing us to use the black box theatre at NJPAC's Arts Building to record our video. I have been teaching in the Wachovia Jazz for Teens Program for ten years and this is a performance theatre where the teachers and students perform and record.
Paul Wickliffe, great recording engineer, photographer and videographer agreed to make a video of three of our new Randy Newman tunes which are part of the new Randy Newman cd. project. ( I could not 'Thank' Paul enough for his help and unwavering support! I would also like to thank; Jeff Levenson, my manager and best friend for his support, shuttling musicians, 2nd camera men, Sokphalla, the make up artist, making coffee, running the sound board, wearing all hats that we could put on him and he neary' complained! Thank you!! We are nearing completion of the record that Mark Soskin and I have worked on for over a year. The Randy Newman Project is just about to officially lift off. Stay tuned for news of our release date, the label and a tour.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 13th - NJCU Jazz Vocalists in Concert, Hosted by Roseanna Vitro

Dear Friends,

I have four fantastic students that I have been working with at New Jersey City University. Please join us at Cleopatra's Needle, Thursday May 13th at 7 pm., 8:30 pm. and 10 pm. As always we will be performing with an amazing group comprised of Mark Soskin (piano), Dean Johnson (bass) and Jon DiFiore (drums). Kristen Dziuba, Gabriella Gurtler, Vanessa Perea (graduating this semester!) and Kyo Kim. All beautiful and interesting singers. I will perform some tracks from the new, Randy Newman Project: Sail Away.
Please join us for this special night of music.
Cleopatra's Needle -Broadway between 91st. and 92nd. NYC . 212 769 6969