Friday, May 29, 2009

Master Class at Ruffinelli Music Conservatory

Carolina Ortiz & Ro
Ruffinelli Conservatory

May 28th
We were lucky today to sleep in and have time to get our bearings. Tim and I made our way to the local supermarket to purchase some supplies. I finally found a $40. hair dryer and also purchased an iron that will work in the outlets here.
At 2:45 pm. we headed to Ruffinelli Music Conservatory, where the children have classes in music and in English. This was a general 'what is jazz' workshop. I did meet three singers, with whom I left my Vitro Vocal series cd.'s and workpackets. I met the daughter of the owner of the school Carolina Ortiz. We had great questions from a classical pianist, wondering 'how' to get into jazz? These school visits are very rewarding and the kids are great.