Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bishkek Workshop

I donot have any photos that the post has sent from this workshop in Bishkek - too bad, because we met with a staunch, classical music department of pianists. On our visit there was conversation in every school workshop regarding; Classical music versus Jazz music? I don' t think you should go without either one. Jazz is a language and creating new music off the top of your head within a chord structure is not easy. In our school workshop, we did not have a pa. system, good piano, or a drum set. Tim Horner played his cymbal, holding it in his hand! and Dean Johnson got a bass that was in pretty bad shape, and yet he made music on it. I sang accoustically and Joel played One more out of tune piano. The teacher was great, very hip lady. Old and young alike attended and one boy got up and played: Take Five. Another jazz soldier in the making -