Thursday, May 28, 2009

Asuncion, Paraguay

Joel Holmes & Bob Bowen @ IMA
The audience and students at IMA
Ro with Carlos/interpreter

We arrived in Asuncion, greeted by Sean McIntosh, Public Affairs Officer. Sean would be our "go to guy." Sean spent some time in Washington, D.C. and he is a great guy and very helpful. My camera , so far, naturally is not downloading my pics into my new lap top, so I'm going to try to figure out what's happening. Our first day, we met Ambassador Ayalde at the Embassy. Asuncion is a lovely city with beautiful flowers and birds. The Embassy packed in a very full schedule. We performed a master class at IMA Agustin Barrios Conservatory - filled with kids, parents and a translator who plays jazz piano (Carlos). We explained what JAZZ is, played a couple of tunes and heard "David and Jessee" an alto player and his singing girlfriend. (both very good).
Then we were off to CCPA - Teatro de las America's concert hall. We had a great soundman and they had a Jam session prepared with local musicians when we arrived for after sound check... Thank you to all the young musicians who showed their great talent. We heard a young guitarist who tore up some Coltrane with my great band.
Then - 30 mins and right into the concert...I was already Fried beyond tired and all I could think of was : a shower! After quite a bit of grumbling at our dear Sean, I planned the set, composed myself...washed with a wet wipe...and off we went on stage! wow...
Fortunately, the crowd was fantastic. We had a GREAT concert!!! and a screaming standing ovation. Joel Holmes played like their was fire in his fingers...fantastic man and Bob Bowen brought his amazing spirit and musicianship. Tim Horner played his Tail off - and then some. I'm a lucky girl to have such great musicians.