Thursday, May 21, 2009

Final Concert ; Bishkek

Tahmina Ramazanov and Roseanna

The last concert finally came. We had a sound check in the afternoon, where we learned that famed folk musician Ruslan Jumabaev would play a couple of tunes with us in our concert. I love to play jazz with local musicians, everywhere we go. They speak jazz, so they don't need to speak English. Ruslan plays a 3 string Kyrg instrument called a: Komuz. Ruslan played "Fever and Terrestris" with us and the audience loved him. This concert was a television program and they had a couple of young groups who won composition contests. Vladimir was the announcer and he made a point of telling me that he is a major Kenny Werner fan. I'll tell Kenny...
After a very brief concert, we were wisked to a cocktail party for finger food and then taken to the airport and put on a plane for a 26 hour journey home. This was probably the quickest departure that I've ever had after a concert. We did enjoy all of the musicians that we met and all of the Embassy people..Thanks to everyone who made our visit so special. On to South America!