Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend; Jazz at Newport, Or. to the Monk Vocal Finals

I performed October 1st. & 2nd. in a sweet festival in Newport, Oregon. Holly Hofmann sheperds this festival bringing in the smart choices of John Clayton, Bruce Foreman, Bennie Green, Houston Person, Todd Strait, Alvester Garnett, Bill Cunliffe, Mary Ann McSweeney, Randy Porter and Holly performs too. What a great cast of musicians performing in various groups and also giving panels and workshops. The concert is held in the Performing Arts Center and the audience are jazz fans from all over the country who fly in to hang out for three days in this beautiful spot.
Thank you Holly!

Then I headed to the Thelonious Monk Jazz Vocal finals. I had been a preliminary judge along with Peter Eldridge and Alan Harris. We listened to 237 singers and chose 12 amazing singers from all over the world. Sunday at the American Indian Museum, I had the opportunity to finally see the people whose voices were merely a number when we first heard them. They were all fantastic! What an inspiring time it is for jazz singers. I'll write a full report, but for now you can go to:

It's nice to be back in my bed.