Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heading to Seattle ! Concerts & Masterclasses -November 12th & 13th

I am excited to announce two concerts and two masterclasses November 12th & 13th in the Seattle area. The great Mark Soskin and I will be performing as a duo in Nich Anderson's concert series. Nich is a great singer himself and supporter of vocal jazz artists around the world. To buy tickets and get information - please go to Nich's website:

http://www.jazzvox.com/ November 12th and 13th in the evening!

We will also be presenting two Masterclasses in the afternoons.
The first Workshop will be for Students of Cornish College of Music: November 12th (friday) at 12 noon in Poncho Concert Hall at: http://www.cornish.edu/

November 13th is open! Special Masterclass at Nich Anderson's condo- http://www.jazzvox.com/vitroworkshop/ This class will include a cd and work packet for each student to take home and practice with! All participants must email me to tell me what they want to work on and accomplish in this clinic. Please check the link for all information regarding this workshop. Looking forward!