Monday, January 5, 2015

APAP - NYC - 2015 Roseanna Vitro and Clarity, Music of Clare Fischer - Jan. 10th, 3:30 pm. Jan. 11th, 3 pm. The Harlem Suite - NY Hilton Midtown - 6th Ave. & 54th St.


Grammy-nominated Vocalist Roseanna Vitro 

& her award-winning ensemble

Mark Soskin–piano and arrangements, Sara Caswell–Violin, Dean Johnson–bass, Tim Horner–drums

 perform music from their recent recording,

 “ Clarity, Music of Clare Fischer. ”

Saturday, January 10th, 3:30 pm. 

 Sunday, January 11th, 3:00 pm. 

 The Harlem Suite

APAP / NYC 2015 The New York Hilton -1335 Ave. of the Americas, NYC. 10019 /54th St.

Vitro's relaxed readings pay respect to the delightful songs of Clare Fischer. [She] applied her rich, soothing voice to intricate sambas with passionate commitment... embraces Fischer's cherished songs and lusciously nuanced harmonies. ... ambitiously unearthed old and new lyrics in beautiful repurposings... Vitro's fine scatting. "Pensativa" stretches languidly under Vitro's lambent warmth. – Fred Bouchard, Downbeat Four Stars

...[RV] is a "singer's singer." It means she is excellent but still warranting much more attention. Her deep and precise alto is perfectly tuned and balanced. Her phrasing is textbook. But Vitro's skill set does not stop at vocal prowess. She is also a crack arranger, programmer and music journalist. That is a wealth of grace and talent...Vitro's projects are also well-considered and assembled...and attends to both the common and obscure of Fischer's work. Vitro sings squarely from between Ella Fitzgerald and Betty Carter. Her scat chops are the most certain of any singer expelling air today. Honor Roseanna Vitro. – C. Michael Bailey,

A woman who takes salutes very seriously – her discography also includes nods to Randy Newman, Bill Evans and Ray Charles – Roseanna Vitro spent two years developing these 10 magnificently thoughtful tracks…the albums centerpiece is Fischer’s classic, “Pensativa,” explored by Vitro with sable stealth. –Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes Magazine

Roseanna’s voice is better than ever, more personal, more her, like no one else can be. She’s singing tunes we mostly haven’t heard before, but makes them so familiar. Clarity…you’ll want to listen to it all again.
Michael Bourne, host of “Singers Unlimited” on WBGO

Singer Roseanna Vitro has the gift of bringing popular, or not so obvious tunes, into the jazz celebration, with no limitations. With a voice obviously comfortable with her chosen surroundings... You’ll hear Roseanna ‘s vocal synergy give new life to Fischer classics...delive­red by Vitro’s limitless vocal choices and her musical partners with the highest respect for their subject.  – Gary Walker, WBGO music director

Clarity is a particularly ambitious project for she performs songs written by composer/arranger Clare Fischer, including six songs never recorded with a vocalist. RV has long been a top-notch jazz singer with an open mind and eclectic tastes... Some of Fischer's songs are pretty complex, but the singer sounds quite comfortable.. she scats with warmth while at other times she gives just the right amount of sensitivity and warmth to the lyrics. Clarity is a success for Roseanna Vitro, shining some new light on the music of Clare Fischer. – Scott Yanow, Jazz Inside