Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall 2013

NY in the fall-

    It's been a new kind of fall for me this year. I've been adjusting to my new schedule and enjoying the concerts I've had the past two months.  NJCU is cooking along with Sara Guttman and Valerie Boseman. Jason Teborek still plays piano for my class. I'm finishing producing a former student, Danny Bacher, who's recorded "The Three Louie's". It is a Smokin' album and I'm sure we'll get it on radio this year.
      My latest gigs and trips included blowing through Dallas to lend support and and see my sister Debbie, who's husband has cancer and has had a rough time.  Paul went with me. Family is the most important thing in life to me. Love em'...

       Snug Harbor in New Orleans, found me having a ball with Ms. Cindy Scott, singing a couple of duets along with Larry Sieberth piano, Peter Harris bass, Jason Marsalis drums. A very cool little band.
Saturday the RNP Band played Hartford, Ct. with me and we raised the roof this past weekend. I love singing with my band, they are the best- Tim Horner, Mark Soskin, Sara Caswell and Dean Johnson. 
And who can forget the "Giants of Jazz" concert two weeks ago to honor the great Gary Bartz. I had a blast and Gary sounded better than ever.
       I'm finishing recordings this month, so you'll soon hear from me with new music in hand..What an adventure...

  Ro @ Snug Harbor, New Orleans, October 26th..2013  

Ellis Marsalis - pianist..