Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 - Goodbye! Merry Christmas to all...and welcome 2013

2012 was a very good year... except for Hurricane Sandy!

     All the New York, New Jersey, Staten Island area are still trying to recover.  I'm watching Hurricane Sandy Relief tonight and it's a beautiful thing to see all the great bands hitting to raise money for those who've lost their homes.  My neighborhood was hit badly and we had no power for a couple of weeks, but our house is still standing, so we were lucky.

     It's Christmas time and I'll be off to Dallas, Texas once again to spend time with my sisters and my sweet mother, Ruby, Paul and Sarah in tow.

     I'm working on new Clare Fischer music and Mark Soskin and I are working on three new songs this friday, so we are making progress.  January 18th at the Kitano in NYC, we'll debut some of the new material with the RNP Band- I'm so psyched! 

      Our Band has their Own APP now!  Check this out and it's FREE ! Download this and you can keep up with whatever we're up to: copy this link:

 For Facebookers - I've got quite a collection of photo's from 2012...follow this link if you'd like to see them. 

Don't forget to check out my new "Voices In Jazz"

Merry Merry Christmas to all.  Peace, love and happiness.  Love Ro