Monday, January 30, 2012

February 12th, 2012 ... Grammy Announcement Day

I must say that I have been swept up in all the excitement of being a Grammy Nominee this year. But, just like the Federal Government, I believe the NARAS Association needs some house cleaning and reform especially after last year's category cuts. I'm closely watching how NARAS is handling this controversy and I feel strongly there are enough honest members interested in a serious review of last years changes.

On a happier note, this past wednesday, NARAS threw parties on both coasts for Grammy Nominees. This was such a thrill for me to stand with Tierney Sutton, Kurt Elling and Karrin Allyson. I admire them all very much and I am honored to be part of the group. Terri Lynn Carrington could not be there (she is the 5th Vocal Jazz Nominee). Apparently Terri Lynn was allowed in the Vocal Jazz category because she had over 51 minutes of vocals on her album. I've always dug Terri Lynn and she certainly made a fine album.
I am looking forward to hitting the road on February 10th with all of my family in tow. My mother Ruby, her best friend Ann Cox, Sisters Debbie Vitro and Karen Penrod, Debbie's daughter, my niece Lily Smith, husband Paul, daughter Sarah, her boyfriend Dave Pagano, my charming-hair dresser to the stars - Jerry Lambert and his adorable Chef husband Scott Largent. Did I leave anyone out? Lol We're all staying at fabulous Double-Tree where we can hang and party and enjoy what I feel is a 'nod' from my peers.
I'm very grateful at this moment even though this is a difficult time for NARAS. I have faith that it's all gonna work out, that NARAS will re-instate categories that's disenfranchised great artists and whether I win a Grammy or applaud while someone else gets one, it's been an amazing couple of months. My heart is truly touched by all of my friends and well wishers who've posted kudos, called me, texted me and emailed congratulations. Thank you So much. I'm off into a Charlie Parker period for a minute, so you'll see and hear what that's about in April.