Monday, January 3, 2011

New Orleans Bound! January 6th - Snug Harbor - Four Great Singers- Jazz -

JEN Convention ---If You Love jazz vocals - Don't miss thursday night! Snug Harbor - 2 shows! 4 great singers!
Roseanna Vitro - Sachal Vasandani - Maria Marquez
Cindy Scott-

January 6th Join us for an amazing night of jazz at New Orleans Premier Jazz Club
-Snug Harbor Show ( 626 Frenchmen Street New Orleans, LA (504) 949-0696)

-2 shows 8 pm. & 10 pm. Featuring!
with the Larry Sieberth Trio

“Highly respected vocalist/educator Roseanna Vitro’s art equates to untainted class. With jazz piano great Kenny Werner and a crack rhythm section blazing forth, Ms Vitro’s impeccable diction, depth and sensitivity strikes a distinct chord here.” (Live at the Kennedy Center cd.) Glen Astarita - 2006 Highly recommended

"Vasandani really has something new to bring and creates such intimacy in his phrasing"- Edge Publications- "there's no disputing the jazz credentials of the effervescent young vocalist...Sachal Vasandani New York Times

“Vocalist Cindy Scott strikes gold her first time out. Scott is a musical artist who delivers fables and stories and vignettes of life and love. But the young lady can also swing you into bad health. Highly recommended.” Roger Crane

Venezuela-born singer Maria Marquez is a local treasure. Her utterly evocative voice - clear, tender and unaffected - was spellbinding on Milton Nascimento's "Ponta de areia."

Don't miss this great show! January 6th
Snug Harbor - 8 pm. & 10 pm.
( 626 Frenchmen Street New Orleans, LA (504) 949-0696)