Sunday, December 5, 2010

NJCU Jazz Singers Record at Charlestown Road Studio -Great Job!

Today four fine jazz singers recorded at Charlestown Rd. Studios. Paul Wickliffe is the chief engineer. Paul gave a fine tutorial to start the class, discussing mic techniques and issues such as 'not stopping' the band if a singer makes a mistake, just waiting and fixing it in an overdub. I was very proud of these singers today. They are a true inspiration to me; writing wonderful arrangements, taking charge of the music and the band with creativity, heart and soul.
Kristen Dziuba, Kari Vanderkloot, Moi', Rafaela Gurtler and Kyo Kim
Also pictured is my right hand pianist/partner; Jason Teborek, (behind me) , Pete McCullough bassist and Jon Difiore drummer.