Thursday, April 22, 2010

President Doris Leuthard snaps and scats; "Centerpiece" closing Jazzaar's 2010 Great American Songbook Concert

As I sit and drink my coffee, finally relaxed at home, I can enjoy my triumph accomplishment at the 2010 Jazzaar American Songbook Concert featuring The Aargau Youth Orchestra, plus Buster Williams on bass, Corey Allen; piano, Danny Gottlieb; drumss, Steve Reid; trumpet, Mark Gross; alto, George Robert; clarinet. Fritz and Helen Renoud put together two fantastic concerts and this program is a study/workshop/concert experience for young musicians. I sang for the President of Aarau and she was snappin' and tappin' on my encore where eight hundred of the crowd scatted "Centerpiece" with me and call and answered '4's' scatting, plus great solo's with Buster & student Dave on bass, drummer/student Dave, Mark Gross' sax section and non-stop clapping - an unbelievable close to a great show. Kevin Fields - is a great conductor, Bob Freedman's charts were interesting and entertaining. I will write more soon about Fritz and Helen's incredible hospitatlity in the face of all of the musicians that were held up in Aarau because of the Volcanic Eruption! Many are still there, I am lucky to be home after a 4 day layover in Aarau. Thank you Fritz and Helen.