Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 29th - LA Gig - Vitello's and Jan. 31st. Workshop

January 29th - Friday - http://www.vitellosrestaurant.com (check out the site for directions)
Sets 8 & 10 pm.

I am headed to Los Angeles for a rare visit, gig and workshop.  Once I realized that the Grammy's were this week, I thought I would snoop around and see if I might find a place to sing and Judy Wexler was a mensch in her recommendations!  Thank you Judy.  I will be singing with the fine Bill Cunliffe on piano, Tom Warrington on bass, Paul Kreibech on drums and Steve Cardenas on guitar.  This is a great Band!  Please join me for this rare appearance on the West Coast.    

L.A. Singers - Roseanna Vitro will present a workshop next sunday: January 31st. 12 noon til 3 pm. The Elements of Jazz Singing; singing with conviction and swing, improvising with lyrics, technique exercises for tone and safe blues singing, scatting 101 -http://www.cathysegalgarcia.com/teach_workshops.html
Come and jo...in me-Gaea Shell pianist will play with us. Location: Cathy Segal Garcias. http://www.RoseannaVitro.com

Singers check out my new site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JVOICE-Jazz-Vocalists-Offering-Instructional-Curriculum-for-Education/106379385885