Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Randy Newman Project will have it's first presentation January 9th / 10th -NYC - APAP Convention Headquarters and WinterJazzFest

The Randy Newman Project is almost all recorded and we are delighted to present our group for the first time at the which presents the hippest jazz groups in New York City - we are thrilled to close the show at the BitterEnd Jan.9th. on January 9th -the closing show at 1:45 am.  that's right! am. The BitterEnd, 145 Bleeker St. 212-673 7030.
The group will feature:  Roseanna Vitro, Mark Soskin, Sara Caswell, Dean Johnson, Steve Cardenas, and Tim Horner.
The APAP Presenters Convention - January 10th -Sunday afternoon - 1 set @ 3:30 pm. The Harlem Suite, 4th Floor, Americas Hall 1, New York Hilton, 1334 Avenue of the Americas-212 586-7000.
(Fantastic Poster - by Sarah Wickliffe)

Stay Tuned for updates - We finish recording on January 23rd. and then I head to Los Angeles for Grammy Week with a workshop on January 31st. for Cathy Segal Garcia and January 29th at Vitello's.